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rice cakes with fruit puree dips or any dip or spread your child likes, cheese and apple cubes, celery with cream cheese, wholegrain fruit muffins,pitta bread grilled and sliced with dips, nuts and raisins...will have to think some more. I have the same problem trying to come up with healthy after school snacks and packed lunch fillers!

Karen t


My kids love those ww mini pitas with cream cheese. Cheese and crackers or quesadillas, depending on their mood :) My kids get snacks at preschool, but it's mostly just cut up fruit with the occasional sandwhich, you are already way ahead of us. My picky eater actually likes radishes.


These are great suggestions, thanks!!


Thanks for stopping by My Nesting place. i love your blog and will add you to my links and visit often. I have a two yr old and a 4 year old...I love all your ideas!

Jenny-up the hill

Your snack platter looks much better than mine! lol!! I need some new ideas too!

Abbie King

How about celery with peanut butter? Celery with blue cheese? Apples and cheddar. Digestive biscuits and cheddar (veddy English).


I think my kids must be the only ones in the world who think celery is weird -- I'll have to give it a try with peanut-butter :-)

And I haven't done apples with cheese in forever -- Thanks for the reminder!


All three of my kids like sliced banana sprinkled with sunflower seeds and mini chocolate chips...

michael jones

Thank you for the interesting information! I have a picky eater kid and your post gave me some new ideas! Thank you!

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