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Nancy White

This sure sounds like the manifestation of the Culture of Love!


(and now the tag, cultureoflove)


With all the exciting things you guys are doing (and have done) on the web, my question may seem a bit banal ...but... my curiosity lies in your origins.
Veronique mentions French being spoken during her childhood ... Tomas' name looks very Scandinavian. Yet all your joint and individual work seems very US/Silicon Valley type based. So ... where did you both come from, and how/where did you meet?

Cheers from Steve, a parent and a fan of your blog and literature, New Zealand.



I can't tell you how exciting it is to have someone who isn't related to us say they like our work -- Thank You!

I am French and American. Both my parents are Breton, but moved to the U.S. in the Fifties. I grew up speaking Franglais at home; French with my parents, and English with my siblings. I grew up in New York City.

Tomas is Danish, but has never lived in Denmark (just about everywhere else though as a child). We went to school together from the sixth grade on, but only started dating when we were seniors (got lots of ribbing from our friends for it, too!).

We've lived in Silicon Valley since 1999.


Hi there! I just happened upon your site/blog and love all the recipes and photos. I am in culinary school and really enjoy some of the simple and fun ways you get others involved...after cooking all day for a grade it is nice to come home to my boyfriend and cook for the love of it.

John Furrier

Nice to read your blog and thanks for the note re:NYC visit. I would love to get together next time I'm in town which could be as soon as next month.

Linda says hi and Jacqueline is dying to visit NYC


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