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Way cool! My daughter would love that project for her birthday - Thanks for sharing!
Stephanie of
Forks and Chopsticks
The Written Word and now
Me So Crafty


I agree - what a fun idea! I've passed this on to my sister, who's an elementary teacher. This could make a great holiday project for her glass!


This is great! I just stumbled upon your "How not to make a snowglobe" entry and it made me laugh! And I love glitter too, for no real reason. Maybe I was a crow or something in a past life. But anyways, I'm off to make my own last minute snowglobes for Christmas, and your tutorial is oh so helpful. Happy Holidays!


Hi There,
I just found your site and LOVE it!! I'm blogging this piece at Stroller Derby tomorrow. Check it out...




Hi! I love this idea and am planning to supervise this for my daughter's 3rd grade class for an upcoming holiday craft activity; but help! Every time I try to add the glitter and a drop or two of baby oil to the water so the 'snow will fall slower' the glitter clumps! Would glycerin versus baby oil affect this better? I've read that some people have used distilled water--is this and possibly the temperature of the water more likely to reduce clumping? I'm using baby food jars that have been thoroughly cleaned, but I keep running into this problem despite trying different water temperatures.Please email me with any suggestions! Thanks!


Glycerine is what worked for us. Drugstores don't sell it anymore, so check with your local crafts store. Baby oil will end up just floating if you are adding it to the water (think vinaigrette).

Good luck!


Great tutorial and idea. I featured it on Tip Junkie today! Thanks for the inspiration.

Gretchen Skovron

I recently made these myself and used aquarium sealer.


I'm going to try using polyseamseal. It's used for caulking and is available at hardware stores. I think it'll work really well.

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