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Sounds like a fun day (except for the sewing machine issue). I too am an inexperienced sewer and am just now learning how to do it. Once you finally make the pillow I would love to see it!

karen t

I think spending special time alone with each child is so lovely. Just out of interest...what does the school say about you taking them out? we get into big trouble over here if the kids are not in school. It's frowned upon. I feel that it's all about balance and if the children are getting something valuable out of the day then parents should have the right to make that decision.


I've only done it once with each child so far, and their teachers support my decision to give the kids their special days. It's especially important for my six-year-old. I don't plan to do it more than once a quarter with each child.

The school is quite unique and is very focused on teaching the Whole Child -- hearts and minds.

Here's a summary of the school's core values:

* Trusting and respecting each individual -- Mutual respect, honesty and personal responsibility are key elements.
* Developmental approach -- Each student's curriculum acknowledges the uniqueness and developmental level of that individual.
* Growth and assessment -- An ongoing process of observation and feedback is utilized, designed to recognize individual growth and change.
* Meaningful, relevant curriculum -- The school provides a "training ground for real life" so that each student becomes a self-directed, thinking, lifetime learner.
* Multi-dimensional learning -- Optimal learning focuses on the whole child: Social, emotional and academic development are of equal importance.
* Cooperation and collaboration -- Students of multiple ages work together on projects designed to help them share strengths, accept support & communicate ideas.
* Teacher-parent partnership -- Teachers and parents are partners who work together to support the students and school programs.

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