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Melissa R. Garrett

Yes - those are PRECISELY my reasons!! BTW - we live in Ithaca, home of Cornell University :-) My husband actually said that if we got rid of the TV, we wouldn't spend any time together in the evening because we would both be doing our own thing. WHAT?! You call sitting in the same room and mindlessly watching other people make out "quality time?" And my kids get really rotten when they watch TV too - it's not so bad in the summer since we are mostly outside, but it is horrible in the winter months. A part of me wants to see it go, but I am also a little freaked out about the withdrawal. Let me know how it all works out.

I ordered the book the other day, and it should arrive soon - so excited!!


Thank you so much for buying a copy of the book. We really do appreciate it!

Tiel S-K

I think what you did is fantastic. I couldn't care less about TV! Except when I am sick, that is the only time I enjoy watching it, because I can't seem to do anything else. And I am guilty of placing my 2 and 4 year old in front of appropriate aged TV for them too often in order to get something done. I have days where I am strict and don't let them watch anymore than one 1/2 hour show a day, but then I'm slack when I get busy with work (I freelance from home) and they watch too much. that big black box can ruin ourlives can't it?


what wonderful, thoughtful parents you are


we tossed our TV right after thanksgiving. it made instant results. I think my biggest fear was having no more quiet moments--you know, those (horrible) moments when they are zoned out in front of a show?...but now, I'm getting more than ever and my kids are coming up with the best alternatives. i love being TV free, too. definitely worth it.


We've lived without a television for 8 years now and are still very happy with our decision to chuck it out!

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