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I am truly envious. If it was up to me, the TV would be gone. It's the hubby that can't imagine life without it. Our compromise is that the TV does not get turned on 3 days out of the week.


Very cool that tv free has brought you together that way. We were tv free for a while but now we're back to local programming and netflix. :)

Melissa R. Garrett

Oh my goodness! This post couldn't have come at a better time! My husband and I were arguing over the television just this morning - I want to get rid of it, and he's having "issues." I think it would help the overall attitude of our house (namely that of my two oldest) not to mention save us a little money in the process. Stage 2 in the TV Wars to commence this evening!

Jason Temple

you rock! this is my 10th year without one.


Thank you!

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