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I was completely addicted to the Swallows and Amazon books when i was a kid. I dreamt of going out on the lakes in a little sail boat and camping on an island. Fantastic stuff.

Another series of english books i can't recommend highly enough are the Just William series. I re-read them regularly and they still have me in hysterics


Thanks for the suggestion! We'll definitely check the Just William series out!

Audrey - Pinks & Blues

Great list! Thank you so much for sharing! I have to keep these in mind for the future.
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues


Do you have any books for k-1st graders? Love the list!


I'll definitely work on this one -- should be a fun list!

Shannon - PHAT Mommy

Judging from your list of series books, I think your kids might also like the Deltora Quest series. My son and friends love them.


i *love* this list, a number of my personal faves are here too ... :)

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