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I'm a potter- I'd say get access to a kiln- even your local paint-a-pot place might do it for $5 a piece or something. Failing that (or find a potter locally who would do it out of the kindness of their own heart), you could coat it with lots of polyurethane. That's what the self hardening clay boxes recommend. good luck!


i've been dabbling in pottery for over a year now, and i agree with melissa. at present, the dried pieces are probably quite fragile.
the best option is to fire them in a kiln. then you could glaze and fire again. or you could paint it and forget the 2nd firing (assuming this is not going to be food safe).
I do like the idea of coating with polyurethane - seems easier somehow.


Jennifer and Melissa, Thanks so much for the advice! I'm going to see if I can sneak a few things into a local kiln :-)


umm...I have a few things I'd like to sneak into a local kiln, too! :)
I love this pottery. My girls love getting into my clay, too. So much, that we might just invest in a small kiln for home...(for all of us, mom included!!)

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