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The TriniGourmet

one day i hope to be able to attend this! glad you had a great time :D

Dana Tuszke

It was so wonderful to meet you as well! I second the statement about the overwhelming conference! But it sure was a hell of a good time!! :)

I hate to say this, even though I was sad to leave the BlogHer Con, it sure feels good to be home.


I am so an asshole! Thanks for the link. You have a great sense of humor.


It was wonderful to have met you - wish we had a bit longer to chat, but I'm totally stoked to have discovered your site. Love those crafty mommies!!! :)


Thanks, Vero. Yesterday was so great, wasn't it? I enjoyed meeting you and am happy for the links so I can make sure I keep track of you all. : ) I haven't tackled the card pile yet. I'm wading through my hundreds of photos...flight delayed but I got bumped to a direct flight home, with a travel voucher! Go Southwest.

Maria Niles


It was lovely to meet you at the unconference and to share a cab. I hope you made it home quickly and easily.


Oh, look! Your husband wrote a book! I want to purchase it for my own children's library collection (I'll click on the link and do so later). But. Oh, look! You sputtered when I spoke up about marginalized moms of color!

Thank you for that note on SV moms. Really, what you said touched me.


I love the site and know I'll be back often! Especially now that I see you know the secret to making a snow globe...

The pleasure was all mine sitting with you at breakfast. Thanks for letting me pull up a seat!

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