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I remember making these by using rice and inserting pins (the small metal flat headed type) into the paper towel rolls and then securing them by wrapping tape all around. The pins slow the rice down as they fall to the other side of the tube and make a beautiful soft rain sound.

Thanks for all the wonderful blogging that you do. Keep it up! (:


What a wonderful idea to add pins to slow down the rice and beans. I'll definitely try this out with the older two!


We made rainmakers last week. Mine went a bit wrong and I have grains of rice all over the car floor after taking it on an outing with us.

I could of course clean them up, but it's not due a vacuum until December so I'm just hoping the rice grains will start to sprout on the damp carpet and then I can claim it's another craft project.

I'll blame you of course.


I'd leave them there and claim that they were to absorb all that extra humidity you've enjoyed this summer.


I'm just thrilled to find your blog - what wonderful kids craft ideas you are sharing!! Can't wait to try some...

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