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wow, thanks for this great post and for sharing your newly found wisdom. i love it when my way of thinking and acting are transformed for the better... I am very inspired to be a better more conscious parent! Patricia

Melissa Garrett

My son has "issues," which I won't get into in the comments section. Suffice it to say, it takes a HUGE amount of patience to parent him. However, I have noticed that if he is on the verge of a meltdown, food often works. I am the same way. If I am hungry, everyone WATCH OUT!

For the longest time I thought I was a horrible parent because my children act like devils at home. But then an educator told me what you learned, that they act their worst when they feel safest.

And sometimes, it's REALLY difficult to ignore the pea shooters ;-)


what a great list. so nice to be reminded, sometimes - isn't it? couldn't have come at a better moment for me. thanks for sharing.

Arline LoGioco

I love this post. I really needed these reminders to put things in perspective this week. I referenced your post on my blog today.
Thanks again.

Mama Luxe

What a great list to share--I love #4 on the first list. I have to say that if your kids can feel even half of the love that shines through on your blog, I am sure they feel safe (hahaha) and cherished.

Philip Robinson

With five kids, these words of wisdom should be applied as second nature, but the truth is this gentle reminder has fallen on very appreciative ears.
(As long as I am not tempted to make them feel unsafe ... -wry humor by the way).

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