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I just found your blog and I'm adoring it! You've got plenty of pictures, nice short readable posts (which I may not be able to say about myself...) and neat ideas. I'll keep reading :)
Amanda from librarycollective.blogspot.com


"Five Lessons" is a great post. Not sure I'm your target, but given my darker sensibilities about the whole parental experience, I like the "parental empowerment" stuff more.

YMMV, hope that helps.


I enjoy your blog and I've missed your absences while you were settling into your new home! Your blog was one of the first ones that I read and helped me to believe that I could do it, too!


You know the thing I'd love most is for your full post to appear in bloglines instead of just the first few lines. Because you've got so many great things to say.


I always love your blog. I'm always totally inspired and shamed at my own lack of imagination.

Michelle at Scribbit

Just more period--I enjoy your posts and love seeing what you've got for me in my feeds.


I agree with Michelle - more is good!


Hi, we have a shop, but we like to post useful articles for moms and dads and we have sugested your blog. We love it. We only have pitty that you haven't time to post more. We love, love the 5 lessons for parents! Congratulations!

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